Environmental and Waste Policy

Lanquest Properties Ltd believes that the environment is better protected by minimizing the amount of waste arising at all stages rather than by recycling. Therefore the main focus of this policy is on waste minimization in the planning, design and procurement stages ie early in the waste hierarchy.

Lanquest Properties Ltd is committed to resource efficiency and waste minimization during all stages of construction, ie design and specification, procurement, storage, construction and operation.

Where waste does arise, Lanquest Properties Ltd will ensure that segregation, re-use and recycling are carried out as far as is reasonably practicable either on or off- site.

Lanquest Properties Ltd is also committed to exercising its Duty of Care and its Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) with regard to its Waste Management Systems.

Through careful planning and design and the use of appropriate technologies, Lanquest Properties Ltd will work towards increasing sustainability, resource efficiency and waste minimization in the operation phase of its development.

Policy Summary

Lanquest Properties Ltd is committed to the minimisation of site waste through:
  • planning and accurate assessment of need
  • design
  • procurement policies and ordering strategies (such as not over-ordering, ‘just in time’ procurement and restocking agreements)
  • not accepting damaged goods on delivery
  • careful storage and handling to prevent damage
  • accurate measurement and cutting
  • use of appropriate and well maintained tools
Where waste does occur, then, where conditions allow and as far as reasonably practicable, segregation of waste types will be undertaken, to allow recycling by waste contractors. Waste contractors with a good record or reuse/recycling will be used. Where appropriate, materials will be re-used on site.